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          [ No matter how old he gets, Zach has yet to figure how to put on
             a tie. It is a tragic story, really. 

“Wait, how the hell do you do this again?” 

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Tiffany rolled her eyes with a smile as she went to help him. “Just like tying your shoe laces.” She fixed it for him. “There you go.”

"It is most definitely not like tying shoelaces." Another stifled laugh from his end filled the air before flashing a quick smile, "Thank you."

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"No, you’re not making any sense."

          [ All this fancy talk is making him nauseous, he wasn’t even sure  
            what he was suiting up for. But unlike most people, he’ll simply
            laugh it off.

“Wait, how do you do this again?” 



"It doesn’t when you have no recollection
       of anything happening before sixteen.”

          [ She’s reading into this too much already, but Julia’s paying very close attention to his body language.  ]

                       ”—- don’t mind me, really. How can I recall you when I can’t say the same for my mother.”

"No recollection–-? You don’t remember anything?

          [ He wasn’t aware of this, of course. He’s not that good of an
             actor. What a sick, sick, sick joke he was playing on her. ]

"At all?"



   ❝Twigs are too heavy for the wind.
It couldn’t fly all the way up to your eye.

                             { Carmen, quit calling him out and comfort him.

She finds her arm instinctively snaking around his shoulder in an act of comfort. }

"Then, dust, sand, I don’t know. Somethin’s in there."

          [ He wanted to keep talking but he knew he’d been caught, so he
             simply gave into a tiny yet sad smile as he turned his head to
             look at her with a thankful gaze. ]



"It’s okay to cry." Clairy said. "It really is."

"I-I know it is, but I am not crying…really."



"Oh, I, uh, okay…"

                       [She’s a little but slow, just give her a minute, she’ll get it]

"Wait, it’s not even windy out… Are you okay?"

          [ He knew she was right but he’s not admitting that in fact he’s not
             fine. ]

"It’s not windy, I know, it’s just–- I was running! That’s why it got into my eye…"


"Okay, spill it." It’s pretty obvious somethings bothering him, and she’s determined to know what.


"Spill w-what?"

          [ But he knows exactly what, he just needs a second to come of
             with something. ]

"I am not fucking crying, okay? A twig got into my eye with the wind.”

          [ Excuses, excuses, excuses. But all he wants is to be left alone, or
             at least he thinks so. ]


"I was talking about how I slipped in the store yesterday, and knocked over a bunch of watermelons, and how I’m pretty sure I bruised my tailbone. And that’s really cool?"


"No! Of course not! I mean that it’s, uh, you know, funny. Very cartoon-like of the watermelons."



"Okay, what’s wrong?" She asked crossing her arms over her chest looking at him with concern and wonder. "You’ve been spacing out for the past five minutes and I’ve been trying to get your attention by saying random things."


          [ He was so spaced out that he hadn’t even realized what she was 
             saying, he was slightly ashamed but he’d try to mask it. ] 

"Nothin’s wrong, I’m simply tired."


Angel looked at him and raised an eyebrow, her mom and dad making her stay home on the night they were supposed to hang out was great? “Are you alright Zach?” She asked feeling a bit worried for her friend.


          [ He had gotten caught, and didn’t know how to react. Zach 
             opened his mouth to speak but no words came out for a while. ]

"Yeah, I’m fine, just a bit out of it, you know. Don’t worry about it."